SPOTLIGHT: Jennifer Vericella Prado | Co-Founding Partner of The Bra Lab

Jennifer Vericella Prado and her sister Gina Vericella Crevi are the sibling team behind The Bra Lab company, helping women with the complex issue of finding the right bra for the perfect outfit. The company is revolutionizing the bra industry by creating versatile, interchangeable high-quality bras that will work with every outfit. As young girls, both sisters learned the arts of tailoring and design from their grandmother, a master tailor who immigrated from Italy. With different prior careers, their different experiences complement each other in their work. Jennifer comes from a finance background with an MBA from the University of Geneva, while Gina has previously owned a chain of boutiques and holds a graphic design degree from Ole Miss.

We recently partnered with the Bra Lab on a photo shoot with our bags and had the opportunity to chat with Jennifer on the company’s mission and being a sister entrepreneur team.

Jennifer Vericella Prado

Jennifer Vericella Prado, co-founder of The Bra Lab

Where are you guys from and where do you reside now?
Chicago, Illinois

What is the Bra Lab’s mission?
Innovative bra solution for women to solve wardrobe dilemmas.

What inspires you about each other?
The drive that we both have to make a startup and new technology be successful against the odds. Our hard work ethic and determination is also inspiring and we use it to push each other constantly.

What’s it like working together as sisters and how do you balance personal/professional life?
Our relationship has become even stronger by working together. Our personalities and different skill sets balance each other out quite well. We both had babies these past two years so finding a balance between work and our personal lives has been difficult, but we just keep focusing on our daily goals and keep pushing through.

What advice would you give women who want to start their own business?
Do a lot of research and try to understand what it takes before you dive into it. Have all aspects thought out and planned before starting and make sure you are able to have the time and stamina to make it work and really be able to give it your all, because that what it takes to succeed.

Favorite thing to do to unwind?
Travel, listen to music, exercise and listen to podcasts or read.

Your favorite destination?

Bra Lab

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For more information about the Bra Lab click here and follow them on Instagram.


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