SPOTLIGHT: Vernacular, women’s wear and lifestyle brand in Columbus, Ohio

Chelsea and Kris Konieczko are the power couple behind Vernacular, a women’s wear and lifestyle brand with shops in Columbus (Ohio), Atlanta and Dallas.  The two met at the Ohio State University and upon graduating, embarked on the entrepreneurial path together, opening their first store in Columbus.  We got a chance to talk to Chelsea about their impressive brand and collaborated on some key looks for spring break.

Husband and wife Chelsea Cabot and Kristopher Konieczko own the Vernacular stores, Cosecha and Objects for the Home photographed in their Grandview Vernacular store. (Tim Johnson/Columbus Monthly)

Where are you guys from and how long have you lived in Columbus?
Kris was born in Erie, PA, his family spent a few years in Richmond, VA before moving to Columbus. I, myself, am a Grandview Heights native.

What was the inspiration behind Vernacular?
We actually began our entrepreneurial road with vintage refinished furniture. A year or two in, we added apparel to our offerings, and the rest is history.

What is it like to work together as a couple?
We actually met working together on a project at the Ohio State University, so working together comes naturally. At times, it can be a challenge, but we’ve found that overcoming hurdles at work has helped us to overcome any hurdles in our own relationship. We couldn’t have it any other way.

What inspires you about your partner?  
What inspires me most about Kris is his energy level and determination. He does more in twenty-four hours than anyone else I know.

Who is your greatest style influencer?
I can’t say that I have just one, but Michelle Williams would be at the top of the list because she’s always so tasteful and classic. I, myself, don’t feel that I have a very singular style. Change is really appealing to me, in all things, so I’m always impressed by those who aren’t afraid to move on and try something new.

How would you describe your style?
While it’s always changing, something that I carry through is a love of neutrals. You’ll rarely see me in bold colors.

How do you want your customers to feel when they leave your store?
We want them to feel taken care of, but not smothered. We want our customers to feel relaxed and have that little well-deserved break in their day while they peruse what we have in.

What’s next for Vernacular or for your company?
We’re currently working on getting our Cleveland store open just off Harvard Rd, East of 271 in Orange. We’re expected to open late this summer.

How do you guys unwind?
It’s difficult, but we try to slip out of the office for a relaxing lunch, a coffee break in the park or a walk through Franklin Park Conservatory.

3 words that describe each of you.
Determined, Optimistic, Resilient

Vernacular has 5 locations and an online shop.  Click here for hours and location.
1392 Grandview Avenue | Columbus Ohio | 43212 (Women’s apparel)
1310 Grandview Ave. | Columbus Ohio | 43212 (Home)
177 East Beck Street | Columbus Ohio | 43206
661 High Street | Worthington Ohio | 43085
1044 North Highland Ave. Northeast | Atlanta GA | 30306
1818 Sylvan Ave B-100 | Dallas TX | 75208



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