SPOTLIGHT: Kelly Williams | Radio Host, Pageant Owner and Professional Singer


We recently had a nice visit with Kelly Williams, a radio host, pageant owner, and a professional singer in the Bay Area in Houston, Texas.  If you haven’t already met this captivating soul, here is your chance to learn about her.  She leaves quite an impression on all she meets.

Kelly just celebrated her first year anniversary with Vinyl Draught Radio, an online radio station in Clear Lake/Houston, Texas that focuses on a market defined by culture and style.  Her show, The Kelly Williams Show, centers around promoting local business, general health, lifestyle & more.  She is also the Owner and Director of The Miss Kemah/Miss Kemah Teen Pageant in Bay Area, which is entering their seventh year of competition.  If you think that is enough to keep one person busy, Kelly proves us wrong by showing that she has more than enough energy to perform at several venues and events using her incredible singing voice!

While her current resume is already quite impressive, one must read on to see how this gorgeous lady has put her stamp on this world, making a difference in all she does.  


Kelly Williams: Radio Host, Pageant owner, and Professional Singer

Kelly Williams: Radio Host, Owner of Miss Kemah Pageant and Professional Singer in Bay Area in Houston, Texas.


Kelly, you have such a solid voice and are so comfortable in front of an audience.  You’re obviously a natural at performing.  Tell us a bit about your performance history and how far back it goes.

Since the age of six I have been singing, but doing so professionally for over 25 years.  In junior high and high school, I was a cheerleader in Louisiana.  Then I moved on to dance as a Cougar Doll at the University of Houston.  I have performed the National Anthem over 100 times at many charities, political, college and sporting events in Texas.  I’ve also appeared in several commercials and print ads since 2000; and I was the official Spokesperson for the Bay Area Houston Convention and Visitor Bureau Road Trippin’ Segment for KEYE TV (Austin).  Also, for three years, I produced and hosted my own WEB TV Shows on Bay Area Magazine TV and

You have always been a very active member of your community.  How have you served your community in other ways?

For eleven years, I was blessed to be elected to the City Council in Kemah, Texas.  I was a Kemah City Council member from 2001-2012, and mayor pro tempore for two years.

Kelly Williams: Radio Host, Pageant Owner, Professional Singer

Kelly Williams as Mrs. Galveston County in Mrs. Texas Pageant

During this time,  you also competed in your first pageant. Is that right? 

Yes, at 40 years old, while serving on City Council, I competed as Mrs. Galveston County at Mrs. Texas.  I won Second Runner-Up the first time.  Then, twice, I won First Runner-Up.  I was thrilled to win Most Photogenic, Mrs. Congeniality, Best Smile and People’s Choice Awards.



Impressive Background! Obviously, all this experience has made you into who you are today.  How did you end up being a radio personality?

I appeared as a Guest Host on a radio show in 2016 and it went great!  My friends, Doug Meisinger and  and Bertrand McHenry, were starting a new digital radio station, Vinyl Draught Radio – KVDR, and asked me to be their very first radio personality for the station.  The Kelly Williams show was born, focusing on the hottest trends in Health & Beauty, Fitness, and Fashion.  The show airs every Wednesday morning at 9AM CST.  You can WATCH IT LIVE on or LISTEN LIVE on the Tune In App on your Smartphone. 

Your voice is a gift that keeps on giving! Tell us how you use it.

I am a radio host, I emcee, I do voice coaching, and I continue to sing at many events on a professional level.  

You are also an Owner and Director for the Miss Kemah/Miss Kemah Teen Pageant. Can you tell us how you decided to start doing this, and how it has led to what it is today?

After I decided to stop competing, I was asked several times to help with other pageants or direct my own.  With my children being so young at the time,  I felt like the timing just wasn’t right.  In 2011, I co-founded the Miss Kemah Pageant.  Because I wanted the pageant to be more than just a local one, I looked at several systems.  Hearing so many good things about the State Pageant Directors, I ended up choosing the MISS USA® System.  We partnered with an Official Recruiter for the MISS TEXAS USA® Pageant, and our journey began.  Our first show was held in April 2012.



Can you give us some information about the Miss Kemah/ Miss Kemah Teen Pageant?

The Pageant is a three day event, that consists of female contestants (ages 13-27) from all over Houston and Bay Area.  These young ladies compete in the areas of Interview, Swimsuit/Fitness, and Evening Gown.  Winners take home prize packages worth thousands of dollars and make appearances throughout the year for the City of Kemah, Kemah Boardwalk, the Bay Area, sponsors, and various social and charity events.  Miss Kemah and Miss Kemah Teen also win an all-paid entry to compete for the state titles of MISS TEXAS USA® and MISS TEXAS TEEN USA®.  We make the whole weekend very special for our contestants, as well as for their attending family and friends. We also try to make the experience as close to a national pageant as possible, so the girls are prepared to compete at the state level.

Our Miss Kemah Pageant is known for our success.  Every year since we began in 2012, our Miss Kemah and Miss Kemah Teens have either been in the Top 15  at state pageants or in the Top 5, and winning numerous awards.  Our 2016 Miss Kemah was crowned 2017 MISS TEXAS USA® and our 2015 Miss Kemah Teen was crowned 2016 MISS TEXAS TEEN USA® and then went on to win the National Crown as 2016 MISS TEEN USA®.  I believe that being crowned is a stepping stone to becoming a leader in the community and a positive role model for other young women.



Your family values are based on faith, love and outstanding work ethics.  You must be proud of your husband and children’s accomplishments.  Give us some fun facts about them.

My husband is a former NFL quarterback for the Houston Oilers.  He was also the Republican nominee for US Congress in 2000 and 2002.

My daughter Halie was a cheerleader at UT Tyler; and is now on her 2nd year of teaching high school English in Houston.

My son Paul was a QB at Southwestern University in Georgetown, Texas, and was the first in the history of his school’s Fraternity (Phi Delta Theta) to be Elected President as a Sophomore.



Through her many endeavors, Kelly has proven that no matter what age you are, whether you are single, or married with children, your dreams and goals are achievable.  Whether it’s promoting business owners through The Kelly Williams Show every Wednesday morning; helping young women become better versions of themselves through pageant training; or giving her time through singing at charities and other events, her vibrant personality and positive outlook in life continues to bless many.  Kelly has been married to her husband, Paul Williams, for twenty-five years; and they have a daughter, Halie (24) and a son, Paul (21).










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