About Us

We are a brother and sister design team  that is passionate about fashion, culture and community.  The inspiration for Buri and BeachTM sprang from the desire to share the beauty of our Philippine culture with others who love the island lifestyle.  Since the 1500s, craftswomen of the Philippine Islands have practiced the ancient art of hand weaving sea grass and buri (palm leaf) and have passed this trade down from one generation to the next.  Today’s craftswomen use their artisan skills to fashion the stunning woven handbags available at Buri and BeachTM.  Our mission is to empower women while sharing the beauty of our culture and to foster your desire to play, wander and live in style.

Buri and BeachTM operates out of Columbus, Ohio and Houston, Texas.

About Our Products

At Buri and BeachTM, we believe in eco-friendly and ethically produced products that provide environmental, social and economic benefits to communities. We take pride in using natural straw materials, like seagrass and buri (palm leaf), handcrafted by artisan weavers. No heavy machinery or factory was used to make our bags. From the stripping of the straw to the weaving, every step is done by hand.  Your purchase of a Buri and BeachTM bag directly supports the livelihood of the craftswomen of the Philippines and the recovery of local communities affected by Typhoon Yolanda.

Because each individual bag is handcrafted, it is normal to have slight variations in color, texture, and pattern.


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